Tuition & Aid

“When I set foot on the grounds of the Waldorf School of Garden City, there was an almost tangible sense that, to its core, this offered a different educational and developmental experience. My daughter already had a love of learning, and I am grateful that the Waldorf School preserves and promotes that by eschewing ‘teaching to the tests’ and instead fostering the creativity and imagination of the students while celebrating the sense of discovery in learning. The ethos of the school is hugely important to me as well—students are exposed to the reality of spiritual diversity in the human community, not indoctrinated, and an organic type of tolerance, respect, and mutuality grows here. Not least of the school’s charms is its camp in New Hampshire, called Camp Glen Brook. Starting at Grade 3, classes spend a week at camp each year, and the school community also has the opportunity to retreat to the bucolic beauty of the camp in the summer and winter (Maple Sugaring Weekend is a favorite!). Regular presentations by the students to their schoolmates, to parents, and visitors give Waldorf students a sense of confidence that students in other educational environments often lack. I could not recommend in stronger terms the quality and spirit of the educational experience offered at the Waldorf School of Garden City!” —Current Parent