High School Transition

“The School is an amazing place for students and families. The School meets the needs of the children as they grow and develop, and supports the families throughout the process. With its unique approach to education, the Waldorf School manages to meet each student as an individual and develop not just their intellect but their sense of purpose, which allows them to meet the world with strength and confidence. Our family has been at the School for 10 years and I have 4 children currently enrolled in the school from Kindergarten through Middle School, and I have been overwhelmingly impressed with the quality of education delivered and the enthusiasm that my children have for their time there.” —Current Parent

Our graduates are independent, critical thinkers who are poised and knowledgeable about themselves, while also possessing a strong sense of responsibility to the larger community. They enter high school as self-assured, confident freshmen who are ready to face the academic and social challenges ahead and to advocate for themselves.

The vast majority of our students move on to our High School Program.

High School Brochure

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Our high school graduates attend and thrive in the most selective colleges and universities throughout the country. More importantly, our school community fosters attitudes, values, and strategies that prepare students for lives of leadership and service. Waldorf graduates can be seen working with NGOs around the world, supporting efforts to strengthen our cities, and serving as leaders in medicine, engineering, law, computer science, the arts, education, and public service.

HS Alumni Snapshots